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NOT BLOGPOLL TOP 25: Abandoned by the Mothership

BracketCat unveils his preseason (Not) BlogPoll ballot for comment and feedback.

Well, they've certainly earned it.
Well, they've certainly earned it.
Kevin C. Cox

OK, this is a few days later than it should have been, but I've been swamped with other things. Besides, it's a preseason poll that doesn't mean anything. Normally, you can expect to see my ballot by noon Tuesday at the latest.

The mothership inexplicably is not sponsoring the BlogPoll Top 25 this year, so I'm left alone on an island to pursue what I will call my "Not" BlogPoll, a sort of lone-voice-in-the-wilderness protest action.

For this week, I didn't want to put much thought into the starting position when we haven't seen anyone other than South Carolina play and it's all going to be blown up anyway once the real games start.

So I just grabbed a consensus rankings matrix comprising 12 different polls and pretty much mirrored it. Have I mentioned I despise preseason polls?

There are two notable deviations, however. 1) I put K-State where Texas was because, hey, c'mon. Amirite? Besides, the defending Big 12 champ deserves no less. 2) I threw Texas on the bottom in place of Virginia Tech.

So, without further ado, the journey begins for my 2013 balloting and self-gratification exercise...