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K-State Slate: 8.29.13



Adventure Time

Pan's latest installment of the Adventures of the Big XII is out, and I'm no longer hungry for BBQ.


If you think you have missed any of the postings covering this week's football game against the Bison from NDSU, check out this week's story stream.

Wondering why Gronk as a freshman is allowed to talk to the press, read this interview and you'll find out why.  Not the stock "Snyder" answers, but very close.  And the answer to the question about the school down river, priceless.  Another version of Gronk's interviewing.

I'm really not sure how I feel about having a statue of Bill Snyder outside the stadium.  Maybe waiting until he retired would have been better?

Is bad press better than no press?  Consider K-State gets no respect when they schedule better teams, I call this a don't care.

Nice article about Bison Christian Dudzik's ties to Kansas and his making the most of opportunities with the Bison.


Y'all asked for and TB delivered.  If we only sell 1 shirt (like last time) then T-shirts will probably never happen again and the rest of the mods will have to help TB cope by purchasing him adult beverages.