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K-State Slate: 8.28.13

The opening game tailgate I was invited to has been an event for about the past 25 years (probably longer, but I'm not doing the math this early in the day). I'll miss the burgers, the conversation and the walk to the game through Jardine, as I cheer the Cats on from a distance. Y'all that are going make some noise for this Cat.




Road construction on the way to the game, know before your go.

1963 Cats to celebrate 50th reunion!

K-State Sports' report on the weekly media conference.  We really need to get Pan or Morse to ask questions.

The plans for KSU stadium aka BSF Stadium continue.  If they let me design the sound system, I promise light displays to music and no distortion.  More info from

Guess who had 903 carries and -25 yards?  And yet the Cats continued to win.

Very nice article on Travis Britz with quotes from Finney and the Purple Gronk.  /hat tip to ksuwild

BracketCat's depth chart analysis will help you know about the squad.


Lady Cats head to Vegas to open the season. has the games along with KMAN.