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Coachspeak: Big 12 Coaches Teleconference Week One

Week one is finally upon us. The first teleconference of the season wasn’t full of juicy bits but it did provide us with a few good soundbites.


Once there is actual game action to discuss, we'll probably get more interesting insight from each Big 12 coach. But for this week, we'll be more than happy to rely on snark to get us through. Here's a quick recap of the season's first Big 12 coaches' teleconference:

The Big 12 has ten teams with something like 30 quarterbacks between them. OSU, TCU, Texas Tech and West Virginia have yet to announce starters for game one.

Bill Snyder doesn’t know how many snaps any players on his team will see, but we know that Jake Waters will take the first one at the very least.

Gary Patterson and Mike Gundy hope that having two quarterbacks is the secret to beating the SEC. Why not? It worked for UL Monroe.

Speaking of UL Monroe, Bob Stoops is “very aware” of them. On the list of things to be aware of in football, your opponent is right up near the top. So way to go Bobby.

Dana Holgerson says his defense is a year older than last year. After some extensive research, this can be confirmed as fact.

Art Briles is not starting a freshman quarterback. But don’t tell Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World, because he thinks every team is starting a freshman.

Contrary to popular belief, Iowa State does have linebackers.

Kliff Kingsbury probably had some sweatpants to cut up so he left early but not before being the best bro he could be, as always.

Charlie Weis is going from “hoping things will happen” in year one, to “expecting things to happen” in year two. Better keep that hoping thing in your back pocket though coach.

Also, Mack Brown thinks we “better wait till the end of the season before we look back to see who had the best year.” Good idea coach, good idea.