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K-State Slate: 8.2.13




And the number 26 team in the country as voted on by the coaches is K-State. Remember this is a meaningless poll because after the season starts, none of the coaches watch enough football outside their own team to make a meaningful vote. The SBnation article on the poll, and has there been another year when the Big XII did not have a preseason top 10 team?

This is what happens when cliches are relied on to write your preseason preview of K-State. K-State is only favored in 3 conference games, at least for betting purposes.

T.L. Ford verbally commits to K-State. Another player recruited by Coach Coleman that we can look forward to watching play. Question of the day, if a former NFL player says you have what it takes to play at the professional level, is that better than rankings by other places?

A discussion about the O'Bannon Case and what was being argued.

We need a K-State Alum to make lots of money so we can have something like what UO has. Or not.


How many of you ever thought you would be able to purchase K-State stuff at Victoria's Secret?

Lady Cats of the aviation variety place 6th in the Air Race Classic.

Crowd Sourcing Part 5

Everyone has a favorite Manhattan place to eat and things that they like to do on game day. I looked through the archives and could not find TB's guide to Manhattan in its most recent form. So over the course of the next week or so, in the comments write up the places you like in MHK and at some point there might be a more official guide.

My personal preference is that we dicuss East MHK today, The Mall and Downtown on Monday, Aggieville on Tuesday, West MHK on Wednesday and places outside of MHK (KC, Topeka, Wichita, Salina, JC, Council Grove) next Thursday.