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K-State Slate: 8.15.13

Ed Zurga



A newspaper from a town that doesn't exist has information about a new pitcher for the Bat Cats.


6' 5" Breanna Lewis joins the Lady Cats this year.


Make sure you read "5 K-State players who need to step up in 2013" by Mashford.

PurpleBrunette posted a link last night on the highs and lows of the BCS.

A look at K-State as an opponent.

For those in KC, Time Warner will carry Fox Sports 1.  So you should be able to catch some K-State games on the TV.


The Lady Cats were able to gain experience this summer.

Quotes from the 2013 media day.


The idea that you can have a network of people on-line as it relates to your professional life is a good one.  Unfortunately the implementation of an idea can evolve into something that no longer resembles the original idea.  This summer while speaking with a recruiter, I concluded that linkedin had become a resource for recruiters (not the good type of recruiter either, of course I've only talked with 1 or 2 recruiters that were worthwhile) and that I'd be better off without a linkedin profile.  Ask The Headhunter, which is always a good read, has an article on PBS discussing some of the issues he sees with linkedin.  Guess it is back to networking the old fashioned way by using professional organizations, and developing actual relationships in the real world.  One question this brings up, how can you tell when something on-line has jumped the shark?