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K-State Slate: 7.8.13

The Intern has insomnia and posts the Slate before nautical twilight.




Is Brandon Miller a good hire for Butler?


2013 Roster Countdown has its own home.

If you are voting in the crowd sourcing polls, then you could base your decisions on BillC's Big XII top 10.

Bill Snyder might be a trend setter, at least if fullback offense is back.

Odds are the SEC won't win another MNC.


Lady Cats play tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. CDT.

Lady Cats are blogging the experience. Day 1 and 2 by Katie Brand. Day 3 from Courtney Cook (a lady after my own heart as she likes food although she needs to encourage her teammates to move past McDonald's)

Special Off-Topic Discussion

If you were a mother to be, what Wildcat theme name would you use to label your new child? And if you had to limit your name choices to those suitable for a Lady Cat, would this change your choice? Since TB's wife ignored our awesome suggestions, here's hoping Wildcat_Jen names the addition to her family Optima Collins. Or do you have a better suggestion for her?