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EA Sports Keeps It Real with NCAA Football '14

In NCAA Football '14, EA Sports has worked to increase the video game's realism. K-State has some work to do this year to keep the momentum of the last few years alive.

Doug Pensinger
If you play video games, particularly NCAA Football, religiously, then you should take a look at what's new for EA Sports' NCAA Football '14 this year. Even though I haven't played a video game of any kind in years (oh hai, marriage/job/kids!), the new aspects of the game look pretty awesome.

First Look at the New Gameplay Engine in NCAA Football 14 (via EASPORTS)

Looks pretty awesome. But this is a K-State site, so if you're playing the game, you're probably playing as the Wildcats. What's in store in a season where K-State loses Collin Klein on offense, not to mention Arthur Brown and a slew of other starters on defense?

Not surprisingly, EA Sports thinks K-State has some work to do on defense. The defense is in a three-way tie for seventh among Big 12 defenses. That's a group of Big 12 defenses that doesn't get a lot of respect to begin with (as always, LOLKU). So what does K-State have to do to improve on that rating, and finish the season with an average (or better) Big 12 defense?

We know Ty Zimmerman and Randall Evans will be solid in the defensive backfield, and though they'll need some help, I'm not too concerned there. K-State needs Tre Walker and someone else to step up at linebacker. Our best bets are Jonathan Truman or incoming freshman Nick Ramirez, a four-star recruit from Lee's Summit, Mo. A host of new faces along the defensive line will be a huge variable in the quality of K-State's defense. Let's hope Ryan Mueller is ready to step into a bigger role, and that he gets some help from Xavier Gates, or Chaquil Reed, or Devon Nash, or ... someone.

K-State's offense gets a fair amount of respect despite losing Klein, ranking third in the Big 12. With the Wildcats' returning experience on the offensive line, at running back and wide receiver, and two exciting prospects at quarterback, scoring points shouldn't be an issue in Manhattan this fall.

NCAA Football '14's theme this year is "keep it real." We invite you to do the same in the comments. Tell us what you're looking forward to in the video game and K-State's season, and we'll choose one commenter to join us in discussing K-State's 2013-04 football season in an upcoming post.