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K-State Slate: 7.26.13

Collin Klein is the Big 12 Male Athlete of the Year, K-State recruit Will Geary ready, what we want football to resemble, and the ongoing pay-for-play debate in the NCAA.

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Former K-State quarterback Collin Klein is the Big 12 Male Athlete of the Year. A richly deserved honor for the young man.

Topeka High School graduate Will Geary is ready for his next challenge at K-State.

Nick Saban wants football to resemble Call of Duty. Spencer Hall, and most of the rest of us, want it to resemble setting things on fire with a blowtorch. Intentionally.


Like Mike Slive and John Swofford before him, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby calls for change in the NCAA.

Texas head coach Mack Brown favors paying college football players. Apparently, he's unaware that a four-year scholarship at Texas is worth north of $50,000 for resident tuition alone, not to mention the money for housing, the food provided, the training facilities and coaches (well, maybe coaching hasn't been so valuable at Texas lately), and subsequent lack of interest payments on student loans. Maybe if he read BOTC more often, he'd be better informed.

In any event, the call for reform has grown loud enough that NCAA president Mark Emmert has called for a January summit (original Indianapolis Star article here) to discuss the issue.