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K-State Slate: 7.24.13

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Cole DuPont wants to join the Cats. Now we wait a year until he is on campus.


Non-conference schedule for the Lady Cats announced.


Chesley moves from graduate assistant to full-time assistant coach.


Texas players say they didn't quit. Thanks Tre for providing motivation for the other team.

Praise for team purple member TCU.

Is change on the horizon, at least for schools, i.e. athletic departments, that derive lots of revenue from football? a different summary.

Eighth official will help to spot the ball instead of helping with substituting. I'm sure there are going to be all sorts of delays as coaches point out that the defense did not have time to substitute after the offense substitutes. Also I think teams are going to need 2 sets of d-backs to keep up.

One memorable answer from Big XII media days.

Was Charlie Weis talking about the entire Big XII and not just Kansas?

Will things change for the fans attending the games? Will live highlights help?

Finally, Big 12 bloggers discuss the preseason media predictions.