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K-State Slate; 7.23.13




SBnation coverage of Big XII media days.

Nothing like admitting KU is a pile of crap.

K-State has to rebuild the defense (article #2 about the defense) while the offensive line returns all 5 starters.

Snyder picks Cats for 99th out of 10 teams again this year. coverage of the Big XII media days.

Best character in Top Gun was of course Goose, so maybe Goose Gronkowski will be the best Gronk? (NPR interview transcript)

The SE with the toilet paper quote. And a behind the scenes look at Big XII media days from SE.

How many followers would Bill Snyder have on twitter? (tweet #1 would have to be: "Keep sawing wood.")

That time of the year when bulletin board material is supplied. Oops. Enjoy those wind sprints Tre.