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K-State Slate: 7.19.13




Another day another watch list announcement, Hubert is on the Doak Walker list.

Media picks K-State sixth.

Additional tickets available Monday, not the best viewing angles or seats, but you'll be chillin' at the Bill.

LSU's QB says he doesn't have horrible mechanics like Tebow.

After college football dies, BotC will cover BBQ, smoking and grilling contests along with microbrews, concerts and wineries.

Six current players named to the O'Bannon v NCAA lawsuit. One of the legal type will have to tell you if this is significant, if it isn't significant, what case law applies and how many players are allowed in a court of law, along with how many points you can score for your team when you are in a court of law.

If you want to be involved with CFB this year, help BillC by charting games.

Bring on the Cats Roundtable. If you have a question that you think the contributors at Bring on the Cats should answer about this upcoming football season, enter it into the comments on today's slate. I'll pick a question or 2 from those posted Give questions rec's instead of everyone entering the same thing threeve times. If you don't want to post a question, then feel free to email me.


There is talk about a double diamond interchange at the Ft. Riley and Seth Childs intersection. IMHO they need a big roundabout to cure the congestion at that interchange, that would at least keep the traffic moving.