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K-State Slate: 7.18.13 part deux




I remember watching Mr. Amerson play for the Cats. Looking forward to part II of this interview.


It looks like no team is dominating the Big XII all-conference preseason team. Anyone here predict 5 Cats on the team?

Why OSU could or could not win the Big XII.

Mr. Lockett named to the AFCA Good Works team. Anyone else hoping for another Lockett at K-State when Tyler graduates?

An interview with a couple of commits for the Cats, both 3-star players. Looking forward to seeing these 2 play and good to learn that K-State has the reputation for player development both on and off the field.


I think the team had fun in Russia, WUG Blog Day 13.


In this article about Tami Breymeyer being named to the ICLA Board of Directors (congratulations), we find that K-State is now earning over $1.5 million from licensing.