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K-State Slate: 7.18.13

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports



Cats beat Russia, circa 1978.

Cats play Charlotte to open the Puerto Tip-Off Classic on Nov 21st.

Lady Cats preparing for trip to Italy with 10 summer practices.


SBnation predicts the results for each conference.

Did Baylor win the Holiday Bowl, 49-26 or 49-19?

And Good Bull Hunting has an issue with Mark May tweeting about a QB's off-field activity.


Track Coaches offer new Fitness Camp, 4 weeks of working out with the coaches for 3 days a week.


Funding for NBAF facility goes from subcommittee to committee in the Senate.

As of last month, the Athletic Department is not receiving a subsidy from the university. And the Athletic Department made money last year (again), while the yearly budget under Currie has risen about 36%.