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49 DAYS TO KICKOFF: Tyrone Ward

In which BracketCat counts down the 49th day until kickoff with a profile of linebacker Tyrone Ward.

Tyrone Ward
True Junior
6-1 | 225
Oakland, Calif.


Position: Linebacker

Previous College: City College of San Francisco (Calif.)

Projection: Third-String

Status: On Scholarship (sort of)

Tyrone Ward is a player with a whole lot of question marks, but it's a testament to how thin our linebacker depth is after the two-deep that I have him slotted as a third-stringer despite his not even being on campus or scholarship.

Like fellow late addition Valentino Coleman, Ward surfaced on our radar when Coach Mike Cox got back in touch with him. He claims interest from Illinois, Memphis and UTSA, as well as an offer from Houston, but who knows?

The simple fact is that he went unsigned in February, March and April, for whatever reason. And he apparently was desperate enough for a scholarship offer that he took one with strings attached.

Ward will be a walk-on this fall, according to a post from a administrator, despite the fact that we still had a few open scholarships available. He is slated to go on scholarship in the winter.

He was a first-team CCCAA All-American and All-NorCal linebacker, and finished his sophomore season with 66 tackles, 1.5 sacks and two interceptions for the Rams, according to this GPC article.

I suppose academics could be a concern and an explanation for why he went unsigned for so long. His college, where Allen Chapman and Nigel Malone also played, apparently is on the verge of losing its accreditation for 2014.