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Open Game Thread: K-State vs Oregon State, Game 2

The BatCats performed that voodoo we do know so well last night, rallying for a game one victory. Tonight, they'll try and clinch a trip to Omaha.

Got one. One more to Omaha.
Got one. One more to Omaha.


Who: K-State (45-17) vs. Oregon State (47-11)

What: NCAA Baseball Championship, Corvallis Super-Regional

When: June 9, 2013 | 9:00 p.m. CDT

Where: Corvallis, Oregon | Goss Stadium at Coleman Field (3,248)

Media: 1350 KMAN / K-State Sports Network/Sirius 91 | ESPN2/ESPNU (allegedly)

Saturday night, the Wildcats got down to their last strike before rallying to tie the game, then win in extra innings. That's nothing new for this team; heck, we've almost come to expect it at this point. With the win, though, K-State is one win away from making their first-ever trip to Omaha -- and they've got two shots to do it, starting tonight.

Freshman right-hander Blake McFadden (6-2, 4.40), who left the Regional championship game early after the defense pressed him into a high early pitch count but who had actually been fairly effective against the Razorbacks, is the expected starter for the Cats. Freshman righty Andrew Moore (13-1, 1.22) will likely go for Oregon State. With last night's win, the Wildcats now hold a 4-3 edge in the all-time series with the Beavers.

Reports are that tonight's game will also be available on ESPN2, since tonight's scheduled game was UCLA-Fullerton, which is now no longer necessary. Those reports came from K-State Sports and it's also listed as such at, so it's probably reliable. We're having trouble getting concrete confirmation, though. The game will be on ESPNU regardless for those of you that get it, we're just hoping those of you that don't will get the chance to watch as well.

Although K-State can afford to drop tonight's game, there's no reason to let ourselves remember that. The Cats can secure history with a win right here, right now, no lines, no waiting. Let's get it done.