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K-State Slate: 6.4.13

Schedule for games this weekend announced. Saturday at 6pm CT, Sunday at 9pm, and if necessary Monday at 6pm.




Don't miss the good discussion in the last part of the Arkansas open game thread about the games this weekend.

Definitely thank you Coach Clark.

Game times and ticket prices announced for the Corvallis Super Regional (times are PDT). All games on ESPNU. This schedule is not the one I was hoping for, as it makes attending the games a wee bit difficult but a day of vacation might make this work.

Good pitching helped the Bat Cats win this weekend.


Lady Cats sign international player, total of 6 players signed for 2013-2014.

Justin Edwards will play with the Canadian Men's team this summer.


Already the discussion begins about increasing the play off pool size.

Baylor and TCU games have about 2,300 tickets available, otherwise the seats available for games are scarce or non-existent.


8 Cats competing in the nationals at Hayward Field. Erik Kynard competes in the high jump final, which starts at 3:20 p.m. PDT Friday. (5:20 CDT).