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K-State Slate: 6.3.13

Hopefully the Cats won't face dysentery as they travel to Oregon for the Super-Regional. Oregon is the land of breweries and the weather is great now that perma-cloud PNW edition is mostly gone, so catch a flight and enjoy a visit to the Best Coast as you support the Cats. If you know someone that can connect the Intern with tickets to the NCAA track and field championships and the baseball games, that would make one happy intern.

cott weaver, k-state athletics communications



If you haven't heard the Cats are headed to Corvallis, OR to play OR-State. Details of the super regional will be announced Tuesday. (and the Intern just wants to order tickets already. )

I hope the other side continues to think K-State lucky. Good win by the Cats to beat Arkansas.

Bryant player AJ Zarzozny released from the hospital and other news from the regional.

A recap of the win over Bryant.

A little more history of K-State baseball.


Congratulations to Erik Kynard for setting a new school record. He has one more opportunity to set the K-State record.


One of the DJ's in KS mentioned this and said "if I see this in the park, I will laugh at you." It is great that the lady wants to exercise and get others to exercise but I doubt I see this outside of this video. Or maybe it is all just a bar bet gone wrong.

Ms. Muff and Mr. Taylor awarded post-graduate scholarships by the Big XII. Congratulations to both of them.