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K-State Slate: 6.21.13

One of the best introductions in music, Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress, if this doesn't cause you to tap your foot; you have no sense of rhythm. Of course if you want fun music on a Friday, then you need some Zydeco.




The return of Ross Kivett will definitely help the Bat Cats next year.


Coach Snyder adjusts the recruiting strategy.

Yesterday's discussion covered, who would you include in a large rock monument to K-State Football. I think the better option is to use a grain elevator and have the fans vote for the top players at each position. I think if the elevator at I-70 and I-135 is used (other than Panjandrum never seeing it) that you could easily put the top coach and 22 players on it.


If you like animals and computers then you might find this interesting. Go State!

Think folks like what President Schulz is doing, as private donations will cover his salary increase.

And Alton Brown always does a good job in the cooking arena.