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K-State Slate: 6.10.13

Somewhat community links day as the intern has returned home after brief sleep amidst the driving.

Cats will need to regroup after last's night game.
Cats will need to regroup after last's night game.



Ever have one of those days which do not go well? Then you need to listen to Great Big Sea's Feel it Turn.

Cats lose 12-4 to OR-State last night. Box score and stats are here. It was just one of the nights for the Cats against a good Oregon State team. The good news is that quite a few of the players on the K-State squad saw playing time in an unfriendly environment.


Devin Dick to receive Wilma Rudolph Student-Athlete award.


After the win on Saturday, the Oregon State fans that I interacted with were graciousness in defeat. The big however is that there was one individual who really felt the need to yell at a K-State player, never mind that the K-State player could probably beat this Oregon State fan in any sport at any time. For some reason mocking an opposing player was felt necessary, maybe it helped the individual sleep better Saturday night. Last night, several others in the area I was in felt the need to mock K-State players along with the original individual; which is puzzling since Oregon State had a nice lead. The individuals always justified their behavior by blaming the K-State player for an infraction of some sort. But rather than cheer for their team and focus on good sportsmanship these individuals wanted to do their best to put down the opposing team.

After the game I learned of other behavior at the 2 games which didn't improve my perception. I'm not even sure what the noise maker was supposed to accomplish. Disrupt our pitching? Encourage the Beavers? Or was the whistling sound even directed at the game?

I guess I'm wondering at what point does supporting your team by making noise turn into boorish behavior known as poor sportsmanship? Does K-State have a reputation outside of the student section for this? Or do we welcome folks from the other team as we cheer the Cats on to victory? I do know that I would prefer that my Alma mater not be compared to other schools which exhibit bad behavior especially when we are the winning team.