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K-State Slate: 5.9.13

Where are the baseball stories? What else are you going to report on at this time of the year if not baseball? There are 33 players on the team, plus 5 coaches and no story on any of them? This is why sports blogs should have the same access as the 'traditional' media, at least we would try to cover more than just 2 sports.

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Bruce isn't happy about the lack of baseball coverage.
Bruce isn't happy about the lack of baseball coverage.
Jamie Squire



A baseball story or 2 would be nice, since the Cats are tied for 1st and facing the team from downstream this weekend.


Coach Weber announces the signing of Nigel Johnson. Another report on Justin Edwards. We probably are not on Wiggins' list unfortunately or fortunately.

Lady Cat basketball camps announced.

Bob Stoops' quotes as reported by Aggies.


Incomplete national tv schedule for 2013 season.


Niedermayerova and Bonacic on all Big XII teams.


Qualifying standards not changing.