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K-State Slate: 5.6.13

Go Bat Cats Go!

3 time Big XII champion Erik Kynard.
3 time Big XII champion Erik Kynard.
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Cats take series against the Longhorns with win Sunday. K-State, OU and WVU are in a three-way tie for first in the Big XII. K-State has series at Lawrence and hosting OU to end the season. OU plays OSU and K-State, while WVU hosts TCU and travels to Stillwater.

Texas player suspended for helping teammate cheat on drug test.


Not sure if the NCAA is still punishing small schools for things the big schools do, but if so then a small school somewhere might go on probation soon. Reports over the weekend indicate that Ben McLemore's AAU coach took money from someone while Mr. McLemore was playing for KU. At this point, nothing indicates KU or Bill Self did anything wrong, which doesn't mean there was not a violation of NCAA rules. Best case for the Big XII is KU loses 200 scholarships so one of the other teams can win the Big XII championship outright, best case for K-State is that they are the 2012-2013 champs outright and best case for KU is that the NCAA wheel of derp punishes Wichita State.


K-State team of Nathan Kozlowski and Lance Maldonado, won the FLW College Central Conference event.


Congratulations Erik Kynard, Kyle Wait, Martina Tresch and Sara Savatovic on winning Big XII championships.