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Open Game Thread: Big 12 Baseball Championship, Day Two

K-State, Oklahoma, Kansas, and TCU walked away with wins yesterday. Who'll be in the driver's seat come Sunday morning? Let's find out.

One day at a time, Cats. One day at a time.
One day at a time, Cats. One day at a time.
Scott Weaver / K-State Athletics Communications


Who: #4 Oklahoma (1-0) vs #8 Texas Tech (0-1); #1 K-State (1-0) vs. #5 Baylor (0-1); #3 West Virginia (0-1) vs #7 Texas Christian (1-0); #2 Oklahoma State (0-1) vs #6 Kansas (1-0)

What: Big 12 Baseball Championship

When: May 24, 2013 | 9:00 a.m./12:30 p.m/4:00 p.m/7:00 p.m. CDT

Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (13,066)

Media: (K-State game) 1350 KMAN/K-State Sports Network | (all games) Fox College Sports Central

Day Two gets underway, and hopefully it will be on time unlike Friday's debacle. In both pools, purely by chance, the winners of game one get to play the losers; in Pool Two, however, we've got the winners matched up against one another while the losers try and get back to .500; the loser's done for no matter what.

Possibilities: Nothing can be settled today in Pool One. However, if K-State and Texas Tech both win then K-State could lose to Oklahoma and still advance to the championship game if Texas Tech were to beat Baylor on Saturday, and the Cats would know whether they'd have to win or not before taking the field themselves on Sunday. That's because, as near as we can tell, the tiebreaker in the event of a three-way tie at 2-1 is "highest seed advances", and in this situation we'd have a three-way tie between Tech, Oklahoma, and #1 K-State. Pool Two is in an entirely different situation. Should Kansas and West Virginia both win, Kansas would secure advancement to the final, as Oklahoma State would fall to 0-2 and Kansas, at 2-0 would already hold the tiebreaker over the winner of Saturday's WVU/TCU tilt, who would finish 2-1.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, especially following a day when two teams were upset the previous evening. By this time tomorrow, we might just as easily have eight teams all sitting at 1-1, and be mired in abject chaos.

Remember that games after the opener may be delayed if weather or extra innings get in the way, so the K-State game may start later than 12:30. KEEP CALM AND WABASH. As for radio coverage, if you are in or close to Oklahoma, the OU and OSU games may -- MAY -- be on one of the Sports Animal stations. They aren't showing the game as being on radio, but I can tell you this doesn't actually mean it's not. The OSU/Jayhawk game will probably be on some station downriver, I'm sure. TCU/West Virginia? You're out of luck, pal.

Let's go, Cats. Can't let off the pedal now.