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Big 12 Baseball Championship Delayed, Format Changed

And lo, did all their plans go awry -- both the Big 12's, and your intrepid baseball correspondent's.

Typical. I had a whole big first round preview all ready, and the Big 12 went and made things difficult for me. The nerve.

Seriously, in the wake of the tornado in Moore yesterday, the Big 12 has postponed the conference championship for a day, and as a result has had to adjust the schedule in order to still get the thing finished by Sunday. What was originally to be a double-elimination tournament has now been changed to pool play, completely upending the original schedule of games.

Obviously, this was a tough call for the league; there's arguments for both delaying the championship -- sensitivity, infrastructure, civic resources -- and proceeding on schedule -- get on with business, give people something to take their mind off matters. They're all perfectly valid, but in a situation like the state of Oklahoma is facing right now, probably best to err on the side of caution.

There are numerous ways to provide your assistance to the Moore community. We at BotC extend our thoughts and prayers to those affected, and are heartened by the massive outpouring of support.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for a full preview of the championship and an updated schedule.