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K-State Slate: 4.9.13

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Football press conference moved to Thursday. If you are needing football related news, go watch the video posted in yesterday's slate. (note: today's picture is because I could not find a K-State volleyball picture in the picture archives and baseball images are also lacking.)

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE



Jon Davis is Big 12 Player of the week.

Bat Cats face Wichita State tonight at 6:30 in Manhappiness and travel to Omaha tomorrow.


We received strong consideration for poll #1 of the 2013-2014 basketball season.

Best of luck to Adrian Diaz as he looks for a place to play closer to home.


4 riders named All-Americans.

Football Fishing

K-State team wins fishing tournament.

Spring football press conference from last year. Change the names and this is what you will read on Friday.


I'm not sure the golfers even return to Manhattan, this might be the 200th tournament for them this year in AZ. And one of K-State golfers is tied for first.


K-State professor gives lecture at UNC-G.


A special announcement announcement, we might want to have a pre-meeting to plan the meeting about the announcement announcement.