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K-State Slate: 4.4.13

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And the winter sport seasons end with a valiant effort by the Lady Cats in the WNIT. Rumor has it that spring football practice has started but again this is only a rumor, we won't know for sure unless the spring football game actually occurs on April 27th.




Cats win game against Mavericks. Next up is Texas Tech and if you need a cheap date activity or night out with the family, tickets and hotdogs are a dollar for Friday's game.

Good article on the Bat Cats.


The Lady Cats' quest for a post season tournament title ended last night. The Lady Cats forced overtime in the game.


Another rider of the month for the Lady Cats. Congratulations Kali Yates.


Only 14 spring practices, which started yesterday so enjoy an article on the construction at the Bill.

A nice auto-play video at the site hosting this article with the idea that K-State should recruit Gunner Kiel.

The defense that Cats field in the fall is an unknown, which is better than questioning if we will even have a defense as we were 2 years ago.

Newman to remain with the Bengals.

Klein honored by the politicos over in Topeka.


I'm glad a former Cat is finding success elsewhere, but the opening of this article raises some questions.


Looks like Sean T graduated from a top 100 college. Be sure to congratulate Dr. Sean.