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K-State Slate: 4.24.13

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3 days and it is the Spring Football game which will provide enough information that you can begin to speculate on how the team will do this fall.

Michael Chang



Nice to see beer sales at the remaining baseball games. I hope they sell good beer that is made locally and not the watery stuff. They should also look into selling Irish Coffee at the remaining games unless the temps warm up. I think we will eventually see beer at football games.


Reports indicating Angel is heading towards Miami. Seriously, even a mothership article on it. And a song for those of you still in the denial stage.

Allerik Freeman is might be available although the report says he is a shooting guard not a point guard. has a view on this situation.


At least the B1G marketing group was not involved in the selection of the name for the College Football Playoff.


USAtoday article on the ACC grant of rights and its implications. At the bottom of the article is 'next season's CF top 25' which includes K-State.

The Oaks at Toomer's Corner are gone. Sad day.