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K-State Slate: 4.19.13

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Baseball, track, football, basketball and equestrian.

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Cats travel to O-State for a weekend series.


Fincher signing officially announced by Coach Weber.


Hunter seat team loses on points, Western team competes today and you can watch live on-line via the link in the article.


Second football press conference of the spring notes.

I think I like Sams as QB, or at least his willingness to check into plays.


Lady Cats play in Wamego today and Sunday, free admission.


Nice idea on marketing student tickets by the athletic department. The 'although' for me is that I think the athletic department would be better off giving away student tickets on a first come, first serve manner than charging the students. I know that they raise some money selling student tickets but in the grand scheme of things, the $100k raised from the students is now a rounding error. At $120 a credit hour with a 100 students in the class, that live ad cost $75 of tuition money.

If you are in Manhattan this summer and want to have fun, the Manhattan Ultimate Summer League registration is now open. The theme for team names this year is 80's movies.


Erica Twiss competes in the heptathlon, after winning 10 state championship titles in track and field while in high school.

Fast Cats will compete in four different meets this weekend, okay probably quite a few different meets after the Coach has to re-arrange things.