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K-State Slate 4.18.13

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I'm sure something happened in the world of sports yesterday, but not sure what.

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The article that begins the speculation of Coach Snyder's retirement. An echo of the original story. And another echo. Is this like the Taco Bell story last year where a simple comment is amplified beyond the original intent? Or is there a college education bubble and a college sports bubble? Or just the slow season in sports?

Spring football attendance rankings for the first part of the month.

ATQ has a good run down on the Oregon Infractions situation. The NCAA will probably use the wheel of penalties to make a decision.

Do your friends like you? Then why do they schedule their weddings in the fall? The only acceptable months for weddings are May, June, July and early August.

Receiver corp ready for the season.

Nice to have two quarterbacks competing for the position. Whoever wins the starting position, I still want to see a two QB set with a RB in the mix as well. And a flea-flicker.