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K-State Slate: 4.12.13

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First spring football press conference has taken place and we can all now read between the lines of what was said to justify our speculations and conclusions.




Bat Cats travel to Iowa for a three game series including a game in a town that no one knows if it exists or not.


First press conference for Spring Football happened yesterday. And Blake Slaughter is graduating in Mechanical Engineering, now that requires some time discipline.

I think they have kind of placed some limitations on what they are capable of and those limitations should not be there. -Coach

You have those new guys coming in and even though an upperclassman or someone who has been here is in competition with them, they still step up and help them out. I was saying I was so proud of Daniel because he steps up, helps and applauds Jake and his attempt. He knows that Jake is on the same page with him in terms of who is competing for the number one spot. -Coach

And this is what a writer says about the press conference.

A film crew was allowed into spring football practice for 10 minutes and allowed to film for 2.


Cats head to Wichita for the K.T. Woodman Classic. Not sure if Mr. Kynard will jump or not.


K-State (and UMKC/KU) team wins ULI competition.

Letter from the Athletic Director.

A movie you should watch if you haven't is Battleship Potemkin. Sergei Eisenstein created one of the best propaganda films of all time with techniques that are copied by later films.