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K-State Slate: 3.8.13

Championship game eve, when Wildcats all though the land are thinking good thoughts about the Cats winning tomorrow.




Cats host Cal-Poly at 2 p.m. today and tomorrow. There is also a late game tonight. If a game is rain delayed, Sun 11:00 a.m. is the game time. Go Bat Cats!


Patterson thinks splitting the tournaments is not a good idea.

Chambers earns FIRST TEAM ALL-BIG XII for the third time.

Lady Cats play Texas tonight in Dallas in the 1st round of the Big XII tournament. Go Lady Cats!

Now is the time for JO to have awesome games. Just relax JO, just relax.

A preview of the game tomorrow, although I'm not sure how familiar the reviewer is with K-State and O-State.

I think the from the tweets that the coaches are hungry for winning tomorrow night. Coach Lowery retweeted: "The ones who want to achieve & win championships motivate themselves." - Mike Ditka. While Coach Frazier tweeted: "Wake up with urgency for greatness- how can you outwork your opponent- mentally and physically!!! CONSISTENT EFFORT!!! WORK"


Glad to see Juevol Myles having a successful season for USD. Go Coyotes!


Coach Snyder named Coach of the Year by the KC sports commission.

Anyone have any idea what an Assistant Athletics Director for Administration is? Anyone know why a lean operation like K-State Athletics needs more administrators? Weren't computers supposed to make us have less employees? Didn't AD Currie arrive from U-TN? Anyone surprised we hired someone from U-TN? The new AADA seems like a good bloke from the press release, other than the orange tie.