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Big XII Tournament Championship Game. K-State vs KU

Cats kept the game close in the Octagon then proceeded to play very badly in a lopsided loss in AFH. I guess we shall see what happens this time. Cats need to play with discipline and avoid mistakes.


Join BOTC's open game thread for the title game. It's like having your friends over for the game, but not having to buy them beer.

Who: K-State vs. KU

What: Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament

When: March 16, 2013 | 5:00 p.m.

Where: Kansas City | Sprint Center (18,972)

Media: 1350 KMAN | ESPN

K-State faces the KU, who defeated Iowa State, 88-73, in the third round. The Wildcats did not win in the season series, but if the Cats play like they are capable, then it is a very winnable game.

The Big 12 Tournament is a great event, so get down to Power & Light and enjoy it if you can.

Go Cats!