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Stuff that happens before K-State plays today thread.

I'm not sure if i am eagerly anticipating this game or if I'm just want it to get over with. I'd much rather be playing I-State, since they are fun folks.


This game has the potential to be really good or absolutely abysmal in the viewing aspect. Both K-State and KU have played some very cruddy ball this year, and both teams have played some great ball this year. The question is which teams show up?

The Cats need to relax and not worry about things, just treat it as another game. Concentrate on rebounding, good shot selections, assists and no dumb fouls, not to mention playing good defense.

Anyway all of the Cat faithful need to have good positive thoughts today as the team prepares to play KU again.

Go State!

Go Cats!

Game Time is 5:00 p.m. CDT on the world wide leader.