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K-State Slate: 2.7.13

We are all Horned Frogs today. Congratulations to TCU on their first Big 12 victory. #teamPurple



Letter from the athletic director.


Yesterday KU's RPI was 6, TCU's was 238 according to statsheet, today KU's RPI is 8 and TCU's is 210. As such I think you can put the TCU victory over KU as a monumental upset. Congratulations team Purple for your first Big XII victory. K-State needs to take notice that other teams in the Big XII can beat you on a given night. Now that the Cats are tied for first in the league, every team they play will bring the 'A' game so complacency is not going to win the conference championship.

TCU's victory did show one method to beating KU, Coach Self will adjust but the other's coaches in the league will modify TCU's game plan and strengthen it.

Lady Cats did not win against the Lady land thieves.

Chambers finalist for national CLASS award


We had football players commit to K-State and the national pundits think our recruiting class stinks, situation normal.


K-State signs the #1 high jumper in Oregon, her goal is to clear 6' 1" by the high school graduation. Also signed a long distance runner from Western Kansas.