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K-State Slate: 2.28.13

Life is good for the Wildcat Family. Looking forward to the spring seasons for sports as the Cats start into the home stretch of the winter season. Cats will need to focus on rebounding, blocking out, good passing, great shooting and awesome defense to beat Baylor on Saturday. Go State!




Remove 10" of snow and "PLAY BALL", Cats open the home season at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Pack it with purple parkas people.


Welcome to the Wildcat family Jevon Thomas.

Nice article on the Cats, hopefully they are motivated on Saturday since Baylor has the players to build a lead and keep it.


Lady Cats look to beat most hated rivals Baylor and team purple TCU. Go State!


Another recruit from the KC metroplex.

When you actually analyze statistics instead of relying on anecdotal evidence, the conclusions will often surprise you. (this statement has application beyond the article linked.)


Lady Cats take on the dreaded foe to the north. UN-L has some good players, so this will be a tough contest for the Ladies.


Erik Kynard is on the Bowerman watch list, everyone on the list is a conference champion in at least one event.