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K-State Slate: 2.22.13

The state of Kansas shovels snow edition. I think TB should recommend restaurants for the Cats to eat at after the game on Saturday.

Jim Rogash



Info on the LHN from

Early notification, Tex Winter's birthday is Monday. If you have not read his book on the triangle offense, it is recommended. If you have a moment today send Coach Winter a birthday card.

Nice pictures from the Mercury; nice jump shot and who says basketball is non-contact. Full gallery is here.

Angel Rodriguez is looking to improve his play by reducing his turnovers. His scoring is also improving as he continues to bring intensity and effort to every game.

Balance is a good thing as the season progresses.

JO has played well in the last 2 games, so I hope he returns for the game on Saturday. But it is more important that he is with family after the death of his grandmother. Once again condolences JO.


Cats beat #8 Wildcats after losing to Coastal Carolina earlier in the day.


Big 12 Indoor Championships in Ames this weekend.

Performing at a the level of a collegiate athlete is tough, add in cancer and the difficultly level increases. Devin Dick is considered the top combined events athlete in the Big XII and that is after going through a major illness.