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K-State Slate: 2.1.13

Return of Coach Snyder extended.




A good analysis of why Angel Rodriguez is the guard he is and the reason he plays.

Lady Cats host the mutant avian war of yankee aggression ladies on Sat with tipoff at 2 p.m., Mr. Currie has more to say on other subjects in his letter.


If you happened to be snowed in and without power, Coach Snyder receives contract extension.


Lady Cats host Tulsa on Feb 9th and the USTA/ITA Campus Kids' Day. Unfortunately I don't think I can sneak in and get a free t-shirt or my picture taken with Willie.

Track and Field

Wonder if the Olympic Silver Medalist will compete on Feb 16th in Ahearn? A small group of Cats are headed to a meet a couple of hours to the north.


All I read in this article was Call Hall special ice cream to celebrate 150 years of K-State.