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Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Tickets: Get Your Kansas State Tickets Here

Here's how to get in on K-State's ticket allocation.

Still a little dubious about this 9:15 stuff.
Still a little dubious about this 9:15 stuff.

We're a little late with this, and I'm sure most of you have already made arrangements, but if not you can get tickets to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl through K-State here. They're running from $25-$95 a pop, plus a $30 bowl surcharge (for the entire order, not per ticket, that would be gross) which I guess will help pay off the new BWW location which is actually within a half-hour of me. Or something.

That $95 ticket includes food. Not much food, and inexplicably not a single Buffalo Wild WIng. But given the price of a hot dog, chips, cookie, and a drink at most sporting events these days, I think it means you get a free ticket to the game with the purchase of the food. Someone get on the math there and make sure I'm right.