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K-State Slate: 12.9.13

Women's basketball picks up a win, and... I think something else happened. Can't remember.

I'm excited. Are you excited?
I'm excited. Are you excited?
Leon Halip

You'll want to just check the storystream for all the details of yesterday's chaos. Later today, we'll have some selections from the announcement press conference, but your benevolent despot was chasing info pretty hard yesterday (as well as fielding angry messages from Georgia and Nebraska folks -- one group of which are blameless victims in all of this and I think you know which one) and is bone-tired.

Women's Basketball:

Kelly Thomson led the way with 14 as the Lady Cats knocked off Grambling State on Saturday.

Sports Extra profiles Chantay Caron.

This Week:

Tuesday, men's hoops vs South Dakota, 7pm at Bramlage.
Wednesday, the Brian Setzer Orchestra invades McCain at 7. Wonder if they'll perform the Stray Wildcat Strut.
Friday at 7pm is the football award banquet at McCain. You can reserve seats at the McCain Box Office (785-532-6428), but I have no idea what the dollars are there.
Sunday, the Lady Cats are back in action at Bramlage, facing Cal-Santa Barbara at 1pm.

If you've got anything else interesting to share, have at it. I am clicking "schedule" and lapsing into a coma.