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2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: K-State to Play Michigan in Tempe, Arizona

After being yanked around all day, the Wildcats finally discover their December 28 opponent: WOLVERINES.

Poor people can show their support by going out to eat, right?
Poor people can show their support by going out to eat, right?
Christian Petersen

It was an up-and-down day as we awaited the official announcement. We expected Nebraska, then we were cruelly teased with the prospect of facing off against Michigan. Then it switched back to Nebraska again, much to our dismay. But in the end, Bill Snyder avoided having to face a loose cannon who once nearly assaulted him on the sideline, and I wouldn't be surprised to discover that this is what the negotiations ultimately revolved around.

As a result, on December 28 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, the Wildcats will face, for the first time ever, the Michigan Wolverines in the 2013 edition of the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (formerly known as the Copper, then Insight Bowl).

This should be a lot of fun. It's always great to play a team you've never played before, especially when they're a name program, and to be honest this matchup is better for the Wildcats. Also, no Bo Pelini.

We'll obviously have more on the matchup as the month progresses, but for now those of you who plan to travel have more important things to do. Gotta fill our half of that stadium.