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Championship Saturday

Your guide to what's what, when, and where on College Football's final full Saturday of 2013. NO! NOOOO! FOOTBALL DON'T LEEEEEAVE UUUUUS!

"Hello, good sir. My name is Loki. I'm wondering if I could prevail upon you for a boon..."
"Hello, good sir. My name is Loki. I'm wondering if I could prevail upon you for a boon..."
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I meant to have this up earlier, but I had to sleep at some point, and, well, you can just deal.

The morning flight, which are of course mostly all underway:

Central Florida will try and secure their plays a meaningless game, having already secured their bid to the Fiesta Bowl, as they visit SMU (ESPN).

BEDLAM. Oklahoma State tries to do the exact same thing with a win over the Sooners (ABC).

Wait, Rice? As I write, Rice has already leapt out to a 14-0 lead over Marshall midway through the first quarter in the CUSA Championship Game (ESPN2).

At noon, Memphis plays UConn for some inexplicable reason, and you don't have to worry about accidentally seeing it on your television.

Afternoon delights:

At 2:00 Texas visits Baylor with all sorts of implications, especially if the Sooners prevail (FOX).

The SEC Championship Game kicks off at 3:00, with the Auburn-Missouri winner taking pole position in the "if there's an upset later today we have a chance" derby (CBS).

In the EEEEEeeeevening:

At 6:30, South Florida plays Rutgers. Be careful, as you might inadvertantly see this (ESPN2).

Fifteen minutes later, it's the Pac-12 Championship Game with Stanford visiting Arizona State (ESPN).

Two games kick off another quarter-hour later at 7:00. Louisiana-Lafayette visits South Alabama, with the latter hoping to become the Sun Belt's seventh bowl-eligible team. No television there. Also at 7, Duke tries to topple Florida State in the ACC Championship Game (ABC).

Precisely 17 minutes after those games start, the real lynchpin of the day takes place. Michigan State is much more likely to knock off Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship Game than Duke is to upset Florida State, so this is the most important game of the day in all practical terms (FOX).

Finally, at 9:00 pm, the last-but-one college football game prior to the bowls begins, as Utah State visits Fresno State in the Mountain West Championship Game, which will finally find itself before a live broadcast network audience so good on them (CBS).

Also, there are a bunch of playoff games taking place, mostly in the 11am and 12pm time slots, as the FCS narrows its field to eight, D-2 and D-3 whittle things down to the final four, and the NAIA sets the participants for its championship game. I'll keep you posted on those games in comments, as usual.