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Could K-State Get Stuck With the Pac-12 Regardless?

Berry Tramel offers up the frightening possibility that K-State can't avoid the Pac-12 shredder no matter what.


We missed this article when Berry Tramel posted it at NewsOK on Tuesday, and now we're sort of wishing we hadn't seen it at all. Why?

Because it's a breakdown of probable Big 12 bowl scenarios, and it's got a particularly nasty surprise lurking within. The Wildcats are going to San Diego if the Big 12 doesn't manage to get two teams into the BCS, but Tramel posits a truly horrible case... which makes a disturbing amount of sense, and Berry Tramel's a guy who generally knows his stuff.

If Baylor and Oklahoma State both land BCS bids, Tramel suggests that since Texas was in the Alamo Bowl last year, the Alamo may opt by bypass the Longhorns and take Kansas State, sending Texas off to Phoenix.

Which, of course, would mean that instead of getting the Pac-12's number three team, K-State would get the Pac-12's second selection.

More as this develops, naturally. This is really not great news for the Wildcats.