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Bring on the Podcast with Nicole Auerbach

USA Today college basketball reporter Nicole Auerbach says the Big 12 is one of the nation's best conferences and sees some promise in Bruce Weber's success at K-State.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Bring on the Podcast is back for the final episode of 2013, featuring esteemed USA Today college basketball reporter Nicole Auerbach. She gives us her thoughts on just how good the Big 12 is this season, some reasons to believe in the potential of this K-State team, and tells us why draft prospects like KU's Andrew Wiggins and Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart shouldn't be the league's only national storylines. We couldn't agree more.

We began, though, with some discussion on the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl, since Nicole graduated from the University of Michigan. Don't worry, after covering the team during the Rich Rod era, she definitely wasn't one of the delusional ones.

Quick note: This podcast was recorded prior to Oklahoma forgetting how to play defense in a 102-98 overtime loss at home to Louisiana Tech Monday night, so Nicole was correct when she stated the Sooners' only loss was to Michigan St. Whether you want to thank or berate her for the jinx will probably depend on how you feel about Lon Kruger and his departure from Manhattan.

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