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K-State Slate: 12.31.13

It's time for the final Slate of 2013. Starting the countdown at 54,000...

The final event of 2013: Will Thomas go off?
The final event of 2013: Will Thomas go off?
Adam Hunger

It's a short and sweet day here in the Slate. In a few hours, expect Derek's recap of Saturday night's glorious victory, delayed due to Stuff. Today's off-topic topic: whatcha doin' tonight, party animals?


That Tyler Lockett kid sure is something, says Kevin Haskin.

Ken Corbitt reports that the Wildcats have changed their feelings about streaks -- they want this one to continue.


Believe it or not, K-State was expecting to face a middling opponent this afternoon. Um, about that... Kellis Robinett has the details, and the sidebar preview.

Corbitt is looking forward to even more significant playing time from Jevon Thomas.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, the Lady Cats WON. Leti Romero notched her first career double-double, sinking 16 and delivering 10 assists, and freshman Jessica Sheble came off the bench to provide 11 points, as K-State (6-5) defeated Cal-Riverside (4-9). Next: Thursday night, Baylor at Bramlage. Pucker up.


Kansas is no longer the 33rd-most populous state in the union, according to new Census Bureau estimates. Despite approximately 1.4% growth since the 2010 census, the Sunflower State has been passed by Utah, which one of the fastest-growing states in the nation.