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The Last Saturday: Bowl Open Thread

This is it, folks. The final Saturday of 2013. Join us to watch all those other bowl games before tonight's showdown.

We don't get to hear "Munchie Legaux" over and over today, and that's a sad thing.
We don't get to hear "Munchie Legaux" over and over today, and that's a sad thing.
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Today is the first of three days (excluding tomorrow, which is empty because of the NFL) in which we get four bowl games per day, leading up to the six-bowl New Year's Day fiesta. Your schedule for today:

11am: Pinstripe Bowl, Notre Dame vs Rutgers
ESPN: Chris Fowler, Jesse Palmer, and Paul Calcaterra
ESPN Radio: Connell McShane, Jack Ford, and C.J. Papa

2:20pm: Belk Bowl, Cincinnati vs North Carolina
ESPN: Carter Blackburn, Danny Kanell, and Allison Williams
ESPN Radio: Tom Hart, David Diaz-Infante, and Cara Capuano

5:45pm: Russell Athletic Bowl: Louisville vs Miami (FL)
ESPN: Bob Wischusen, Rod Gilmore, and Quint Kessenich
ESPN Radio: Dave Lamont, Anthony Becht, and Brooke Weisbrod

9:15pm: some bowl out in the desert
ESPN: Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman, and Shannon Spake
ESPN Radio: Bill Rosinski, David Norrie, and Joe Schad

All four games are on ESPN, so you won't even have to change your channel (except at 4pm, when you're going to change the channel to Fox Sports 2 for a couple of hours and hopefully catch a glimpse of the future with Justin Kutcher and Tarik Turner; Brian Smoller will handle the radio call on the K-State Sports Network).

We'll have the usual game threads for the basketball game and the bowl game, don't worry.