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K-State Slate: 12.25.13

There is not one single link to anything whatsoever today. Why? BECAUSE I'M OFF THAT'S WHY

It's not all cold and snowy EVERYWHERE, you know.
It's not all cold and snowy EVERYWHERE, you know.
David Ramos

On the twelfth day of Christmas

Bill Snyder gave to us

Twelve games of football

(Eleven from Tyler Lockett)

Ten different rushers

Nine John Hubert touchdowns

Eight games in Manhattan

Seven punts for more than fifty

Six winning bowl games


Four Travis Britz blocked kicks

Three Fiesta bowls

Two Big 12 titles

And one hell of a legacy.

Feel free to go as off-topic as you like today -- for instance, what sort of loot did you pull? (We need to know whose house to burglarize later.)

(Totally joking.)

(Or ARE we?)

Seriously, though, I and the rest of the BotC staff wish you and yours a wonderful and festive Christmas holiday. If you're traveling, be safe; if you're not, try not to murder any obnoxious house guests. Really; you know what it's like trying to get blood out of the brand-new cardigan Aunt Millie got you?

Merry Christmas, everyone!