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K-State Slate: 12.24.13

It's Christmas Eve, loyal subjects. Your obligations to comment are rescinded until Thursday.

"Hey, who is that?" "I dunno, man. Google it."
"Hey, who is that?" "I dunno, man. Google it."
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Previously on BotC: TB talked with Ian Boyd of Barking Carnival and Football Study Hall fame about Michigan's schemes, and the Intern took an in-depth look at the Wolverines' special teams.

Later on BotC: Barring unforseen difficulties, Derek will take a peek under the hood of the Skunkbear offense.


The big news is that Devin Gardner got off the Michigan charter at Sky Harbor still wearing a boot, making it even more unlikely that he'll see the field on Saturday.

There's finally been an announcement regarding a Wildcat senior accepting an invitation to the Senior Bow. Go ahead. Guess who.

Team members, and Bill Snyder, discuss the importance of bowl practice time for the underclassmen.

Arne Green takes a look at Ryan Mueller. Bill Snyder says, "I'm not sure in all of his tenure that all the things that he's been able to vocalize were always the things I wanted to hear." Kelly McHugh also profiled Mueller for K-State Sports Extra.

McHugh also did a feature on K-State's football equipment staff and their preparation for the bowl game.

Kellis Robinett has a profile of Curry Sexton, where we again get the Google thing and we also find out something I hadn't realized: Sexton's aunt is Patricia Sexton-Dorsey... whose husband is former Packer LB and current Chiefs' GM John Dorsey.

From our new Slate buddies the Detroit Free Press: Gotta stop that bowl losing streak. Also, Bill Snyder (jokingly?) points out that he'd never, ever, ever actually schedule Michigan.

Some more BWW pre-analysis, courtesy of the Toledo Blade, and a preview from, and what the heck, we'll even throw in one from SI. Don't tell Grant Wahl, though. Stinking Lancers.

Admit it: you didn't guess Marcus Heit. Don't lie.


This is pretty bad. Former Wildcat Luis Colon and his girlfriend were victims of a home invasion and robbery yesterday in Fort Lauderdale. They lost everything of value. There's a donation drive at gofundme to help them recover.


Last Friday night, Lakin Preisner, a junior at Northern Heights HS (Allen, KS, just outside Emporia) missed a free throw. "So what?" you ask. "Big deal," you say. Well, the thing is... the last time she'd missed a free throw was 21 games previously. 370 days. 120 attempts. She shattered the former state girls' record of 35, the national girls' high school record of 70, the state record for ANY high schooler, male OR female, of 46, and has the second-longest streak of all time nationally regardless of gender. (That record is 126.) In short, I hope she's at least on Deb's radar.

Random Musing:

You know, I like the fact that we don't twiddle around with the uniforms and such, but I have decided that if we ever do go with an alternate snazzy helmet, I want it to be purple chrome with the Powercat in plain chrome. That'd be okay, I think.

This Week's Calendar:

I forgot to include this yesterday, but it's all good. The entire calendar this week is on Saturday: MBB vs Tulane at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn at 4pm; WBB vs North Carolina State in the Surf and Slam Classic in San Diego at 6:30pm; and of course there's the small matter of a football game that night.


Although I am still providing you ungrateful heathens with a Slate every weekday through the holidays (yes, including tomorrow), be advised that we will not count today, tomorrow, or New Year's Day toward The Streak. New Year's Eve counts, though. Oh, you won't be drunk yet, so quit complaining.