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K-State Post-Signing Day Roundup

Yes, it's four-day-old news, but there's things to discuss so we'll be discussing them.

Nineteen names in the bucket so far.
Nineteen names in the bucket so far.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Last Wednesday was an interesting day, naturally, what with it being national JUCO signing day. K-State landed three signatures, but a one autograph they were expecting didn't happen.

That belonged to Ittawamba CC cornerback Darius White, who committed to K-State back on the 12th. Suddenly, on Wednesday, he wasn't signing, and 247 has reported he's decommitted. It was reported by Jeremy Crabtree that White would not be eligible to sign with anyone Wednesday due to the 2.5 GPA rule, and subsequently he's no longer listed as a Wildcat commit. Did K-State offer Jesse Mack because they knew they weren't actually getting White? It's an open question.

And then there's Mack himself, who was trying to get cleared for a mid-term signing but either hasn't yet, or hasn't period. That's still unclear. However, the rating folks have finally decided to pay attention to Mack since he received what most thought of as an out-of-the-blue offer, and have slapped three stars on him. Remember, Mack's a target with value as he redshirted last year and therefore has three years of eligibility left.

The early signing window remains open until January 15, but I wouldn't expect any other signings to occur before then. February 5 will be the next big day, as graduating seniors can then officially sign. (Track and Field also signs the same day, just FYI.)

Two of the three signings were long expected, as Luke Hayes and Danzel McDaniel had committed previously. Andre Davis had not yet committed, and his signature sealed that intention. As of today, here's the current list of fall 2014 arrivals:

Andre Davis WR/KR ★★★ 6'1" - 185 Santa Rosa CC/Baltimore MD-Dunbar
Luke Hayes OT ★★★ 6'6" - 300 Butler CC/Scott City KS
Danzel McDaniel CB ★★★ 6'2" - 205 Dodge City CC/Dolton IL-Thornridge
Kendall Adams ATH ★★★ 6'1" - 197 Fort Worth TX-All Saints Episcopal
Tyler Ahrens WR ★★ 6'4" - 190 Kerrville TX-Tivy
D'Vonta Derricott ILB ★★★ 6'1" - 233 Garden CIty CC/Richmond VA-Hermitage
Winston Dimel FB ★★ 6'0" - 215 Manhattan KS
T.L. Ford WR ★★★ 6'3" - 180 Cartersville GA
Dominique Heath WR ★★★ 5'9" - 170 Huntersville NC-Hopewell
Elijah Lee OLB ★★★ 6'3" - 210 Blue Springs MO
Jesse Mack CB ★★★ 5'11.5" - 180 Highland CC/Spartanburg SC
Kaleb Prewett S ★★★ 6'1" - 195 Blue Springs MO
C.J. Reese DE ★★★ 6'4" - 260 San Antonio TX-James Madison
Dalton Risner C ★★★ 6'5" - 295 Wiggins CO
Alec Ruth T ★★ 6'6" - 300 Littleton CO-Valor Christian
Aaron Sharp QB ★★★ 6'3" - 190 Humble TX-Summer Creek
Sam Sizelove LB ★★★ 6'2.5" - 225 Argyle TX
Mike Stevens CB ★★★ 6'0" - 182 Davidson NC-Davidson Day
Dalvin Warmack RB ★★★★ 5'9" - 185 Blue Springs MO

Will there be more action before February's "normal" national signing day? Will White slide back onto the radar, or is he headed to South Alabama now? Can the coaching staff circle around and lure in some of the uncommitted? And will Argyle TX-Liberty Christian QB Colby Moore walk on as planned, or is he going to take the United States Army up on its offer and head to West Point?