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K-State Slate: 12.20.13

Happy Friday, loyal subjects. Prepare for a feast -- of links!

Our boy Meshak gettin' paid. Not much, but still...
Our boy Meshak gettin' paid. Not much, but still...

Previously on BotC: Jon's Q&A with Big House Jack of Maize n Brew.

Previously not on BotC: Even more posts from the Maize n Brew gang -- lots of content yesterday. Visit their storystream for all the goodies.

Later on BotC: FEPO, your weekend viewing guide, and... hmm. I think someone whose handle rhymes with PG might be posting something.


Practice hasn't been like the last two bowl preps, says Kellis Robinett, because Michigan doesn't present a drastic change in style from the rest of the Big 12 in quite the same way Oregon and Arkansas did.

Ubben's Big 12 bowl predictions. He's not quite as optimistic as I was in my Q&A, but he's more optimistic than you are.

Ralph Russo explains why you should watch all 35 bowl games. (You shouldn't. You shouldn't watch any bowl game that conflicts with actual playoff games. So there.)

Well, it's not the NFL, but at least Meshak Williams, Adam Davis, and Jarard Milo are getting paid. They've all signed with the Salina Bombers of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League, which means I guess you'll get lots of opportunities to go see them and say hi.


CBS Sports previews the Gonzaga game. So does K-State Sports.

The athletic department site also previews Saturday's women's game against Hampton. It's apparently the first time the Lady Cats have set foot in Virginia since 1984, when they presumably got destroyed by Old Dominion because 1980s Old Dominion.


I know this is mean and petty, but sometimes you just have to roll with it: KU's law school has been censured and sanctioned by the ABA.


We complain about ESPN all the time, but... well, this is actually just cool, and they deserve credit. The BCS championship game is going to air on SIX different outlets (well, seven, technically) -- ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNews, ESPN Classic, ESPN3, and ESPN Goal Line -- and each one is going to be different. Protip: avoid the ESPN2 broadcast at all costs, and if you get ESPN Classic, well, you've hit the jackpot.

Tevin Reese will return for the Fiesta Bowl, which is really just grossly unfair to UCF ... Arkansas State replaced the departed Bryan Harsin with UNC offensive coordinator Blake Anderson. Now taking action on what major school Anderson will get hired by next December ... Florida will finally leave, well, Florida for a non-conference game in 2017 as they play Michigan in the 2017 Cowboys Classic in Arlington. It will be their first non-required regular-season trip out of state in TWENTY-SIX YEARS when it happens.