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K-State Slate: 12.19.13

Football randomness, and a dose of the National for your Thursday boredom relief needs.

Ross Kivett's not in the background anymore, y'all.
Ross Kivett's not in the background anymore, y'all.
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

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The three amigos -- Tyler Lockett, Ty Zimmerman, and Ryan Mueller -- picked up more hardware yesterday. Check our award tracker for all the details.

Bill Snyder's nickname for Curry Sexton is... apparently... "Google". Arne Green profiles the wideout. There's also a hilarious bit involving a text message exchange between Sexton and Mueller...

Kansas State is no longer the #1 football team in the country for the money, as determined by Forbes. After two straight "championships", the Cats plummeted all the way to... #2 this year. I'm very broken up about this. If you really want to get angry about the failure to stop either NDSU or Oklahoma State from scoring on their final drives, well... that failure is what cost the Wildcats the #1 spot on this year's ranking. The new "champion"? Cincinnati. Still in dead last for the third year running? Oh, I'll just let you guess.


Corbitt: Cats looking for a signature victory.

Robinett: Jevon Thomas is coming. Get ready. Tidbit: Weber's been cutting actual practices short so the players can go pick-up with Thomas on their own time, and he's been hanging out with the team during off-hours.


Ross Kivett's a preseason All-American. Full article this afternoon.


AP FCS All-Americans were announced; the first team includes NDSU CB Marcus Williams and tackle Billy Turner, as well as South Dakota State RB Zach Zenner. (You knew I'd mention him.) NDSU QB Brock Jensen made the third team. Former Wildcat RB Tim Flanders of Sam Houston State earned a second-team nod.

Bowling Green has hired Dino Babers, late of FCS juggernaut Eastern Illinois, to replace the Wake Forest-bound Dave Clawson ... Washington assistant Tosh Lupoi didn't follow Steve Sarkisian to USC, and now we most likely know why -- he's under investigation for good ol' "givin' kids money unner the table". Of course, under new NCAA rules, this puts Sarkisian in hot water too ... You don't see this every day: Jackson State fired head coach Rick Comegy yesterday. Why's that weird? Because Jackson State went 8-1 in conference and 8-3 overall ... Texas upended North Carolina 86-83 last night; on the other hand, Baylor had to go to overtime to dispatch Northwestern State 91-84. And Connecticut finally lost a game, falling 53-51 to Stanford ... Southern Illinois head coach Barry Hinson lost his mind Tuesday night ... Aaric Murray went off for 48 points last night, which resulted in this mind-blowing final score: Texas Southern 90, Temple 89.